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The Kenyan Global Youth Biodiversity Network is a subsidiary of the Global Youth Biodiversity Network, working as an umbrella organization for youth-led initiatives in Kenya that focus on the conservation of the biological environment. The Kenya chapter was established and operates under the guiding principles of GYBN international, the biggest international network of youth organizations and individuals, which common goal lies in the biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of it. The Kenyan chapter was officially launched on 5th June 2018 during the World Environmental Day, with a clear aim and mandate to raise awareness about the value of biodiversity as well as the importance that new generations play on the solutions of this planetary crisis. All these are done in line with the core mandate of the founding organization (GYBN) International and the local and international policies regarding conservation and organization management under the Laws of the Republic of Kenya. GYBN Kenya works on the realization that as a country, Kenya forms the heart of conservation both in Africa and internationally, by hosting the headquarters of United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) and other important organizations. Besides, we deeply understand and appreciate the fact that there is great underlying potential in youth that should be tapped to mitigate some of the most challenging environmental issues such as climate change, at a local, regional, and global scale.


To provide a platform of empowerment where young people from Kenya are provided with a space to showcase and grow their ideas, talents, skills, and experience through tailored projects meant to address specific biodiversity challenges at a local, national, regional, and international levels.


A society where young people are motivated and empowered to drive forward biodiversity conservation through networking and training, to effectively handle pressing world environmental issues.

Our team
Kelvin Lunzalu and Maryanne Muriuki, are GYBN fellows in 2017. Recently, we have engaged other youth of 7, and we have already kicked off GYBN activities. We are dedicated and committed towards the CBD process and hope to carry our activities nationwide.


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Youth platform for participation at the Convention on Biological Diversity

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